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Our clients need a partner to provide legal representation in cases involving criminal defense and family law matters.  It is our core mission to craft focused, custom, and individualized case plans to help relieve the anxiety and uncertainties that come with being accused of a crime or when facing a tough family law matter.  When considering legal counsel, you to need know how your lawyer teams up and works with you to solve the issues that you are facing.   This requires a deep and thoughtful conversation, not statistics and assumptions of your needs. It’s about more than just your case, it’s about your life and getting you back on track.

Criminal Defense

When accused of a crime it seems like the deck is stacked against you.  Feeling lost or hopeless in your situation may keep you from taking the next proactive step.  You deserve the opportunity to a fair process… call us and we will work together to get your life back!

Divorce Attorney Denver
Family/Domestic Law

Our relationships with our families are complicated enough, when we add issues of divorce, child support, and custody to the mix it can feel overwhelming!! It is intimidating and frightening to think a judge will determine the fate of your family and financial well-being. You need a partner who knows how to navigate the legal landscape and help you work through an already stressful process.